Hospitalsconsultants – the new way to receive quality medical care – faster!

Hospitalsconsultants is a website that acts as a showcase for quality, pre-bookable medical provision in both England and France. All you have to do is go onto the site, enter the procedure you would like to have carried out, your age and your insurance plan and you’ll be supplied with a range of options. NHS patients can also apply! 

Hospitals up and down England, from Basildon University Hospital in the southeast (shown below) to Merseyside clinics and hospitals in the northwest are to be found on the website.


Basildon University Hospital offers cardiology, gynaecology and paediatric services, amongst others.

Developed by French specialist Doctor Jean-Pascal Del Bano, who is an expert in assessing healthcare quality, hospitalsconsultants aims to help prospective patients save money on a wide range of procedures: carpal tunnel surgery, knee surgery, femoral hernia, cataract surgery and more. Doctor Del Bano has used patient reviews and the findings of the Care Quality Commission to choose the very best hospitals in the UK. What’s more, the website is entirely neutral, as it earns no commission on any procedures carried out – there is simply a fixed charge for every contact made with a hospital through the site.

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